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A post got 20.000 visits and 1700 votes in reddit. The same post got 2 votes and 50 visits in Dzone. WTF?

A few days ago, I published this post in my software modeling and development blog. I then submitted the post to two popular social networking/sharing sites for developers (Dzone, and reddit). You can judge yourself the results I got In … Continue reading

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Got hit by a Penguin and lost 80% of my Google search traffic (now what?)

I don’t usually worry too much about SEO, I prefer to believe that good content will attract visitors (I know, I´m sometimes a bit naïve!). So, I was not even aware that on April 24rd Google was launching the Penguin … Continue reading

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Sorry, but I’m not in twitter to follow your personal life

I use twitter as a work tool every day and I’m always looking for new people to follow (among the ones that follow me or thanks to the twilert search alerts that I’ve setup). Unfortunately, I end up following few … Continue reading

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CSS Killswitch – (funny) strategy to deal with bad clients for web designers

CSS Killswitch lets you non- destructively black out a difficult client’s website with the click of a button since as they say “Because sometimes, no matter how diplomatic you are, people are… well… mean.” I say this is a funny … Continue reading

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You’re not so bad (nor so good) as others say

We all agree that “bad feedback is good – no feedback is bad” but when feedback arrives you must be careful not take it personally. During your entrepreneurial life you’ll find all kinds of customers (toxic, funny, nice, serious, annoying,…) … Continue reading

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Be proactive. Go find some clients!

So you have your brand new site online, your AdWords campaign is on and you’re just waiting for your potential client to start pouring in. WRONG attitude, you are losing clients as we speak! Many potential customers will never find … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneur

I discovered the very interesting Social Entrepreneur  LinkedIn group for “anyone interested in promoting companies and projects that look to change the world for the better while creating the profits needed to expand that impact indefinitely” I consider my company to … Continue reading

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